Let India Breathe is a collective of Indians who are fed up but haven’t given up yet.

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Welcome to Let India Breathe

We do not want an uprising. We want action.

Let India Breathe is a collective of Indians who are fed up but haven’t given up yet.

We believe we have a robust system, enough resources and multiple issues to solve. But we also believe, it’s we who can make things work. We know our problems, because we deal with them everyday. And a city so great, remains great till the citizens are happy. A thin land strip reclaimed on sea, crowded with people, offices and factories can’t run solely on spirit.

With the advent of technology, we can now speak to the authorities about our problems. Even collectively. Although some people might claim so, the site and the idea is not an initiative of any political party, we will fight any party that comes to power and does not listen to its citizens.

Write, Fight, Win!

Efforts towards better India

Our Recent Projects




This Children's day the children are struggling to breathe. Lakhs of children across India are suffering due to the rapidly degrading and detoriating condition of our environment. Over 1 lakh children under the age of 5 die every year due to pollution in India, and 5000 children lose their life every day to contaminated and polluted water.

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Save 304 Trees from Metro 2A


304 trees to be removed for the Metro2A line (which is 90% complete), for which already several hundreds trees were removed in 2017.

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Save Our Coast


Mumbai will be drowning by 2050, and the current Prime Minister of India and Chief Minister of Maharashtra should know about it. Have they read the news?

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Save Aarey From Zoo


I stand for animals & I OBJECT the construction of ZOO in Aarey Forest, Mumbai September 24, 2019 The battle to Save Aarey Forest from the The Mumbai Metro 3 Car shed is all too familiar. But what is not known by many is that Aarey has been continuously sought to be exploited since many decades now. This unique biotope is under threat, not just from the Mumbai Metro 3 car shed, but also from a number of other projects that are vying to find space within the Aarey Forest.

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Save Aarey from Metro Bhavan


The state government has decided to convert more than 2.03 hectares of land, reserved as a no-development zone in Aarey Colony, for construction of Metro Bhavan and Metro Rail-allied users. We keep telling you all it is not only about 33 hectares of car shed land at aarey, slowly... Everything will be gone.

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Help to Save Aarey Forest and its Wildlife in Mumbai, India


As AareyForest in Mumbai is about to loose 2702 trees and the habitat of 290 wildlife species including 9 leopards for making a maintainence and washing shed for Metro 3 despite 7 options, it is time to seek the intervention and help of those who really care and can help Mumbai retain it's Green lungs.

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Save Mumbai's 1821 Trees


BMC has issued a notice seeking citizens' opinion over cutting of 675 trees and transplantion of 1146 trees in Mumbai. The proposal to remove 1821 trees (675+1146) is for the ongoing Metro 3, 4 and 6 projects by MMRDA and MMRCL. The said proposal to cut the trees need to be vehemently objected given Metro 4 is sub judice while there are appalling discrepancies in the number of trees to be cut as against the number mentioned in the DPR in the case of Metro 6 as well as Metro 4.

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Save 1635 trees from MTHL and Kurla Vakola Elevated Road


Year after year we're facing more heat and pollution in Mumbai. While projects aim to decongest our city, cutting trees adds to the problem. Since we've seen the poor rate of new plantation and transplantation in the city, let's gear up to make our voice heard.

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People of the Narmada Valley are drowning

Location:Narmada Valley

The government has decided to fill up the Sardar Sarovar Dam up to its full height of 138.68 m. But it has not given rehabilitation and compensation to more than 32,000 families who live in the valley. The people have launched a Satyagrah under the banner of Narmada Bachao Andolan. Stand with them and tell the Narmada Control Authority (NCA) not to go ahead with this destructive move.

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Shape the Future of Your Open Spaces


MCGM Gardens Department is welcoming inputs from the public at large on a new Open Spaces policy. Love Your Parks, but wish they could be better? This is your chance to shape the future of your Open Spaces.

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Save Aarey Forest

Location:Aarey Forest, Goregaon

Aarey is the adjacent forest area to Sanjay Gandhi National Park. We need to stand up to save it from destruction.

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Save Navi Mumbai Wetlands

Location:Navi Mumbai

Private firms are taking benefit of the Wetlands and are on a spree to destroy the wetlands before they get notified.

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Save Oshiwara River

Location:Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Oshiwara is one of the four rivers of Mumbai. If enough care is not taken to save these four rivers, we might end up losing them as well as the forests surrounding them.

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Save Maharashtra Nature Park

Location:Opposite Dharavi slums

The Maharashtra government’s Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) is planning to include a portion of the nature park, which is also a protected forest, within the area earmarked for the redevelopment of Asia’s biggest slum in Mumbai’s Dharavi.

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What We Do

We make cities liveable. We help you shed your guilt.
We reach the root by dirtying our hands and cleaning your hearts.


With our resources from across the world and of course the country, we try and read to replicate the best practices for ecologies across our movements.


We talk after taking long pauses. We enter conversations, to elevate them. It’s the need of the hour and thus the generation to talk about issues that matter. We make that easier through our social media handles.


When you love a city, you want it to live well too. Our constant conversations with authorities are the reason we exist. And we promise to keep continuing the conversations.


We grow trees. We grow our roots. We grow movements. We grow goodness.


We help corporates execute their projects where the do gooder needs a liaison with the doer. Tree plantations, Plastic recycling, waste management workshops, zero budget natural farming workshops, eco talks. All under one umbrella.


Digital activism is cool but have you ever hugged a tree or immersed yourself in swamps or swam in rivers or seen a chilli turn red? Roam with us and our partners.

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