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Save 304 Trees from Metro 2A


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304 trees to be removed for the Metro2A line (which is 90% complete), for which already several hundreds trees were removed in 2017.

How suddenly another 304 trees are coming in their way ?

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Objection against cutting of 304 trees for Metro2A


Tree Officer, Mumbai


The Metro2A line work is 90% complete. Work started in 2016-2017, after several hundred trees were cut for this project.

The entire Metro2A line is nearly ready & there are certainly not 304 trees coming in the way of their work.

Simply because it is a Metro, does not mean that hundreds of trees should be removed. A tree is as important for Mumbai as a Metro.

Also, despite already removing hundreds of trees, and completing over 90% of work, not a single tree has been planted back below the completed median.

This is not at all proper. We understand need to remove some trees for construction work, but surely the trees and greenery needs to be replaced & replenished once work is completed.

How can such critical replacement of green cover be ignored.

You are requested to reject the proposal to remove any more trees and direct the Metro authorities to re-plant trees under their completed project.

Thanking You

Public Notice by the Tree Authority

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