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Save 1635 trees from MTHL and Kurla Vakola Elevated Road.

Tell the government to rethink their concrete development plans.


people have already supported the cause. Have you?

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Year after year we're facing more heat and pollution in Mumbai. While projects aim to decongest our city, cutting trees adds to the problem. Since we've seen the poor rate of new plantation and transplantation in the city, let's gear up to make our voice heard.

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Save 1635 trees from MTHL and Kurla Vakola Elevated Road.

Dear Sir / Madam,

We are yet to hear from you the mitigation proposal on the issue of city's air quality and imbalanced man to tree ratio in Mumbai. The current flooding wouldn't have happened if the city wouldn't had lost more than 10,000 trees in past year. (Being a Tree Authority we assume you know trees role in maintaining air quality and to avoid floods) On the contrary to this you have proposed for uprooting of more trees for various infrastructural projects and for this again you are going to held a Public Hearing on 22nd August'19. Be it trees from our pristine forests, precious mangroves or the valuable urban trees I being the citizen of this land DO NOT WANT YOU TO HARM any of them.


  1. 1004 trees affected for MTHL project at Sewri
  2. 631 trees affected by Kurla Vakola elevated road

These trees are the real and natural 'infrastructure' for healthy life which is every citizen's right.

I request you to plan all the infrastructure around these trees and insist to put expertise in conserving the existing trees and improving the green cover which is your job and fundamental duty as Tree Authority.

Hope no more such proposals are put forward neglecting the basic life requirements and holistic plans are designed under able guidance of new Municipal Commissioner - Mr. Pravin Pardeshi. Hope you hear us out fairly for both the proposals on 22nd August 2019.

Your sincerely,

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