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The people of the Narmada Valley are drowning

Tell the government to rehabilitate people before filling the Sardar Sarovar.


people have already supported the cause. Have you?


The Sardar Sarovar Dam has been filled up to 132.98 m without rehabilitating more than 32,000 families who continue to reside in the submergence zone of the Narmada Valley. Tomorrow, the Narmada Control Authority will give permission to fill it up to its maximum level of 138.68 m.

The Supreme Court has ruled on multiple occasions that the project should not be completed, and the people should not be displaced until they have been fully rehabilitated. Now the government is filling up the dam but it has not given rehabilitation and compensation to more than 32,000 families who live in the valley. People’s land is drowning under the reservoir along with their homes, farms, livelihoods, animals and trees. This is illegal, immoral and unjust. Power supply to the families has been cut. Two people have died while transporting emergency supplies. The waters are rising fast.

The people have launched a Satyagrah under the banner of Narmada Bachao Andolan. Stand with them and tell the Narmada Control Authority (NCA) not to go ahead with this destructive move.

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Avert the calamity. Don’t let people drown under the Sardar Sarovar. Open the dam gates. Listen to the people.

Dear NCA,

The situation in the Narmada valley is critical. Not less than 32,000 families reside in the 192 villages and one township of MP, and hundreds of Adivasi settlements in the hilly region of Satpuras & Vindhyas. These villages have thousands of houses, fertile farmland, shops, small industries, fisheries and cattle, as well as temples, mosques, and various cultural monuments, along with lakhs of trees. This is one of the older riverine civilisations in the world.

The rehabilitation as per the Supreme Court orders of 2000, 2005 and 2007, and the Narmada Tribunal Award is far from completed. To submerge the communities of Adivasis and other farmers, labourers, fisher people and their property is illegal, unjust and unethical.

You have the power to prevent a major calamity and a historical injustice. The rising water level in the Sardar Sarovar is drowning the people in the valley. Do not give permission to the Gujarat government to raise the water level any further. Please ask them to open the gates and reduce the water level to give the people some relief. The people must be fully compensated and rehabilitated before any decision to submerge the Valley.

Thanking You,

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