Let India Breathe is a collective of Indians who are fed up but haven’t given up yet.

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Save Aarey Forest

Save your lungs!

2238 trees will be cut, if you don’t support TODAY!


people have already supported our cause. Have you?

The Issue:

Aarey is the adjacent forest area to Sanjay Gandhi National Park. We need to stand up to save it from destruction. 33 hectares of aarey will open up a lot of destruction in the eco sensitive zone. Do your duty NOW.

How do I help? It's simple.

Mail the objections!. #SaveAareyForest #LetMumbaiBreathe. Help us send as many mails to authorities, so that together we can save the little green that’s left, from turning into concrete grey by simply pressing the button below.

The date to submit objections has passed

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